Caring For Elderly Parents

Your parents took care of you when you needed it most;
now it's your turn to look after them. How to help

Transferring Insurance When You Move

Moving requires updates to your insurance. Can you transfer
your insurance, or do you need a new policy? Are you covered
during the move? Find out more

Invest Former Childcare Money In Your Child's Future

Once your child is in school, earmark those dollars for college. Start investing

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Create and follow a financial plan.

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Prepare to enter retirement, care for elderly parents, and more.

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Simple Acts

At State Farm, we know that even the smallest act of kindness can change the world. We want to share community service stories around the world that exemplify what it means to be a good neighbor. Watch real-life stories about people in your community taking small but meaningful actions to positively impact their neighborhood!

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Starting Out

Get settled in your first rental place, open your bank accounts, and find out how to get credit and use it well.

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Help your teenager stay safe, save money, and plan for college.

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Our video library has tips for making your home and pool area safe for your children. View more videos


Look at the numbers for insurance costs, loan payments, and more.


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Did You Know?

The unemployment rate for college graduates is less than half that of people with only a high school diploma.

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