Fence In Your Yard for Style, Safety

Fence In Your Yard for Style, Safety https://learningcenter.statefarm.com/residence/maintenance/fence-in-your-yard-for-style-safety/ bb3 Apr 9, 2013

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fenced-yard.jpgHomeowners might consider adding a fence for many reasons. However, “It’s up to the individual and what they’re trying to accomplish,” says Jamie Turrentine, owner of Southwest Fence and Deck in Carrollton, Texas. Here are ways you could benefit from a fenced-in yard.

Sixty percent of Americans have complaints about their neighbors. Topping that list: their pets.1 A fence gives Fido the freedom to run leash-free, and you won’t have to worry about him roaming into neighbors’ yards or into the street.

Building a fence around your pool helps safeguard against injuries and accidental drowning. Learn more about pool fences and other important pool barriers.

A fence can be both a boundary and a barrier. It can prevent your child from chasing a stray ball into the street or conceal items such as patio furniture and barbecues from thieves.

Install a fence to turn your yard into an extension of your living space. A tall privacy fence allows you to enjoy family gatherings or time to yourself away from the eyes of passersby.

Curb Appeal
A fence can add character and charm to your home’s exterior—as long as it’s not an eyesore. Keep up with maintenance, such as staining, and choose a fence that fits your home’s style.

Resale Value
Investing in a fence could pay off if you ever decide to sell. Many house-hunters enjoy the aesthetics of a fenced-in yard and appreciate the privacy and security it can offer.

Before You Build

  • If you’re having a fence installed, verify that the contractor has the appropriate insurance.
  • Contact City Hall or your zoning office for local building codes.
  • Secure necessary building permits.
  • Don’t impede on a neighbor’s property. “Have a survey done so you know your property lines,” Turrentine says.
  • Call 811 or your local notification service to locate underground utility lines.
  • Discuss your plans with neighbors. “Make sure they know what’s going on and what you’re doing,” Turrentine says. “That’s part of being a good neighbor.”

Next to pets, can you guess what Americans listed as their top two pet peeves when it comes to their neighbors? Find out with the results of our State of American Neighbors survey.

1 State Farm and Harris Interactive's, "State of American Neighbors" survey.

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