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The Learning Center is an interactive, online community featuring information about auto insurance, auto care, driving tips and a variety of other topics from knowledgeable third-parties. The site also features discussion forums, polls and a Q&A section for consumers to submit a question or participate in insurance topics related to their specific situation.

Survey Overview

Among the 1,000 Americans (individuals who currently have auto insurance) surveyed, responses showed that there is confusion over what the appropriate response is when they are involved in an automobile accident, either directly or indirectly. Key findings from the survey include:

Do I have to go through insurance?

About half of Americans (46%) feel it is against the law to refuse to report an accident to an insurance company, while four in 10 (41%) think it is legal to "not go through insurance."

Should I be sorry?

A third of Americans (32%) think that saying "I'm sorry" is more than just an apology and does admit fault and imply legal liability.

What constitutes a witness?

Three fourths (74%) of Americans say they are a witness to an accident if they are within 100 feet and two thirds (66%) say being a witness means not being involved.

Should I pull over?

83% of Americans stated they are likely to stop if they witnessed an accident which didn't involve them.

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In an effort to provide general information and guidance to the public about auto insurance, State Farm has launched the Auto Learning Center, a one-stop resource for matters related to auto insurance. While there isn't always an answer, the Auto Learning Center will help to provide clarity for questions like these and promote discussion through blog posts and forums.

More to come!

Next year the State Farm Learning Center will expand its educational offerings and tools, moving beyond auto insurance and into other important topics, such as homeowners and life insurance, banking and financial services.

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